Women and Men


First time consultation and colour                                              from $135.00

single process

Root re-touch permanent (Short Hair)                                           From $110.00

Root re-Touch Permanent (Long Hair)                                            From $150.00

Sectional tinting

Colour in permanent or vegetable colour                                    From $150.00

Highlights with foil

Full head                                                                                               From $200.00

Half head                                                                                               From $150.00

Individual foil placement                                                                    From $15.00

Double process colour De coloration and toning                        From $155.00

Scattered foils and colour in between                                             From $165.00

Quarter head and colour                                                                  From $165.00

Individual foils and colour                                                               From $150.00

Sectional colour and baliage

Colour correction and rectification                                             POA

Colour & blow-wave package H/LS single process                            From $160.00

Colour & Blow-wave package                                                            From $175.00


Mens haircut                                                                                  From $70.00

Womens haircut                                                                                 From $95.00

Blow-wave-short hair                                                                       From $50.00

Long Hair                                                                                            From $85.00

Treatment                                                                                           From $35.00

Treatment & Blowave                                                                        From $75.00

Hair Ups

Hair ups                                                                                               From $80.00

Student Discount (less 10%)

Police, Armed Services, First Responders (less 15%)

We source non gimmicky products, tried and tested, not being lemmings one should not fall into the eco trend.

Technically how can it be eco friendly in plastic, look and think, we are all being conned.

Sensible approach to chemical services should be thought of

some inferior products do contain. Cheaper, components

these can be detrimental to hair.

Truly eco friendly products are henna, vegetable rinses, vinegars, salts &

oil-based soaps.

If advice is requested we will be happy to provide consult and work out

a new look for you.

Our main component of colour consists of ammonia free colour followed by sulphur free lighters and finally henna’s of superior standard.