Established in 1998 Q on brunswick quickly became synonymous with Melbourne's best hairdressers high end quality technique and style.

Q on Brunswick's Hairdressing Salon Motto of  “create don’t imitate” Is a reflection of this. 

our location in Fitzroy, Melbourne is amongst fabulous treasures and colourful diversity, keeps us grounded in a transient world

Not believing in advertising we pride ourselves on personal recommendations. It is the ultimate accolade of trust and value.

Q on Brunswick believes in helping to support

The arts, community and diversity.

The concept of the salon’s interiors is one of classic elegance with accents emphasing a slight 

eclectic quirkiness showing us all how

transient fashion can be.

The wheel of life and fashion continues to turn.

The interior displays cultural and religious art along with extinct languages warning of greed and calamity, all hoping to show us the folly of prejudice and hatred.

Respect and listen, learn and practice.

Beneficiaries of Q on Brunswick include

Clifton hill primary school

Fitzroy primary school

Princess hill primary school 

Recognition and preservation of native orchids

East Melbourne group

Eastern hill fire department

State library 

Fitzroy Historical Society

Fitzroy Residents Association 

Kids with Cancer